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This is a website for those interested in the Palomino Lakes Community located outside Cloverdale in the heart of wine country in northern Sonoma County. Palomino Lakes is a private community of approximately 115 properties (108 homes), in which the property owners own and maintain their own roads and water system. There are two boards of directors — one for the Property Owners Association (PLPOA) governing the roads and general quality of life, and the other for the Mutual Water Company (PLMWC) governing the water system.

Documents and other material are provided on this website are intended for general information only and are not intended to meet disclosure requirements in the sale of any property. Prospective buyers should contact the seller for all disclosures and documents.

Palomino Lakes Community Links

Palomino Lakes Mutual Water Company (PLMWC)

Palomino Lakes
Mutual Water Company

Water Company Site

The Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association (PLPOA)

The Palomino Lakes
Property Owners Association

Property Association Site

Contractors and Other Services

Contractors and Other Services

Need a Contractor or Other Service or want to Recommend one?

Property owners or their representative seeking documents or information in order sell a property or title companies needing POA information should contact the Palomino Lakes Property Owners Asssociation by clicking the link below

or call (707) 836-3593.

Questions for the water mutual company should be directed to Erica Lane by clicking the link below

or call (707) 894-5477.

Include the address of the property in question, the information requested, your name and contact information. Much information is available on this site so please check first.

Members, have you changed your address, phone or email? Please help us keep the community contact list up to date by clicking the link below and sending your updated information.


Palomino Lakes Community Notes

What you should know about Burn Piles and other Outdoor Fires

Did you know a burn permit is required for all outdoor fires? It also impacts others in our community. Read this letter from Sonoma County about our community and recent complaints by clicking the link below

Mosquito Prevention

Please make sure any containers, tires, depressions, etc. that may be holding water are emptied. Leaving standing water invites mosquitos to breed; and breeding mosquitos mean not only annoyance to you and your neighbors but also the potential spread of various diseases! More information can be found by clicking the link below

Septic Tanks Don’t Last Forever!

Septic tanks — which we all have — are taken for granted and rarely given a second thought. But did you know that periodic maintenance can seriously extend the life of your tank? Know where your tank is (install access ports if necessary — they will save you money the first inspection!) and call someone to service it at least every 3 years. When a septic tank no longer functions properly, you may not know it for some time but the untreated waste potentially can impact our community’s water quality.

Useful & Notable Links


Gardening & Landscaping

Sudden Oak Death Information
Includes symptoms, maps, how to report, etc.
CDF’s Fire Safety Links
How to make your property fire safe.